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We perform genetic studies on environmental adaptation, intraspecific differentiation, production of interspecific hybrids, and allopolyploid speciation using wheat and its relatives as plant materials. Common wheat is one of the most important crops in the world, and traditionally essential for Japanese foods. Common wheat is an allohexaploid species with A, B, and D genomes, and the genome complexity and uniqueness make it possible for us to carry out attractive genetic studies. 




Promotion to associate professor.

02/11/2017 08:13
We are glad that Kentaro was promoted to associate professor.

The paper "Hybrid incompatibilities in the tetraploid wheat/Aegilops umbellulata hybrids" has been published in Plant Molecular Biology.

01/11/2017 08:08
Hybrid incompatibilities in interspecific crosses between tetraploid wheat and its wild diploid...

New four students join in the lab.

01/10/2017 08:15
New four junior students start the laboratory life.  

The paper "QTL of spikelet shape-related traits inAegilops tauschii" has been published in PLoS ONE

07/03/2017 15:22
Quantitative trait locus analysis for spikelet shape-related traits in wild wheat progenitor...

The paper "Salt tolerance of wild wheat Aegilops tauschii" is published on Scientific Reports.

09/12/2016 20:19
S. Saisho, S. Takumi and Y. Matsuoka (2016) Salt tolerance during germination and seedling growth...

Iehisa et al. 2016 is now published in Plant Gene.

05/12/2016 08:16
J.C.M. Iehisa, M. Okada, K. Sato and S. Takumi (2017) Detection of splicing variants in the leaf...

Professor Takumi

03/10/2016 23:12
We are glad that Shigeo was promoted to Professor.

New five students join in the lab.

01/10/2016 16:51
New five junior students start the laboratory life.

Dr. Julio C. M. Iehisa join in the lab.

01/10/2016 16:47
We are glad that Julio, who contributed a lot during his phD student in the lab, rejoin in our...

Yokota et al. 2016 is now published in Journal of Cereal Science.

28/08/2016 15:43
Variation in abscisic acid responsiveness at the early seedling stage is related to line...
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